Every year, thousands of tourists flocks to Lofoten, and many chooses to experience the archipelago on a bike. To cycle in Lofoten is to be a part of a fairytale. You are surrounded by beautiful nature in every direction you look, as well as white beaches, the ocean and vast mountains. It is simply magical. It is a breath of fresh air and allows you to just enjoy your surroundings.

A bike vacation in Lofoten is highly recommended and will leave you with a different impressions that what you get from just driving a car. You will be at one with nature.

We are cooperating with the company Lofoten Rental Hub, that offers bike rentals in Lofoten. They offer both hybrid bikes as well as electric bikes. They are also happy to arrange so that the bikes are delivered to your arrival destination in Lofoten. It doesn’t come easier than that. They have put a lot into electric bike rentals in Lofoten, because they believe it is the most optimal way of experiencing the region. The batteries have a capacity of circa 80 km. We tried the bikes ourselves and they work excellent – each and every one is robust and of high quality. So if you are considering a bike vacation in Lofoten, just contact them directly at

They will provide you with necessary information and good routes to travel. Their goal is to make it easy renting a bike in Lofoten and therefore you can be sure that they will deliver a high quality service.