Lofoten Havfiske –
A Fishing Adventure in Lofoten

Are you dreaming of experiencing world-class sea angling surrounded by majestic mountains and deep fjords? The sea around Lofoten is crystal clear and rich with life, including whales, killer whales, dolphins, birds, and a tremendous amount of fish. Lofoten Havfiske is located in the heart of Lofoten, just a stone's throw away from all these wonders. Join us on a journey you won't soon forget!

Visit our Fishing Camp in Lofoten

Our fishing camp is situated in the heart of Lofoten, with Nappstraumen just a stone's throw away from our fisherman's cabins, offering world-class fishing. Our optimal location in Nappstraumen allows us to fish both on the northside and southside of Lofoten. We have several boat models fully equipped with GPS plotter, sonar, VHF-radio, and all necessary safety equipment to ensure your safety at sea.
Our guides have more than 10 years of experience at sea and will thoroughly go through the boat, sharing their best fishing tips to ensure your fishing success. Everyone is welcome, from dedicated sportfishing enthusiasts to beginners. We promise to create memories for a lifetime, ensuring you feel safe at sea and make the most of your time with us at Lofoten Havfiske!
Welcome to Us!
Animasjon av en fiskestang som senker kroken
Vertene på Lofoten Havfiske Eirik, Johan og Anne

Who We Are

Lofoten Havfiske is a Nordic team led by local entrepreneur Eirik Grønhaug, who founded the fishing camp in 2013. Over the years, Eirik has built a solid reputation internationally, evident in the many returning visitors.

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