Places to visit in Lofoten

Places to visit in Lofoten

Places to visit in Lofoten

Are you currently researching places to visit in Lofoten and are now wondering what you should do? Well, considering how many activities you can actually participate in it is very understandable that it can be hard to choose, so how about we narrow it down a bit? In this article you can read about some of the best places here in Lofoten, some of which are quite famous, and others that you might not have heard about before.

Ryten – A hike you will remember

One of the places you should pay a visit to during your stay in Lofoten is Ryten. The trip to the mountaintop takes about 4 hours (more or less) and offers a spectacular view! Also, this is a good opportunity to brag to your friends about your bravery, as you can take pictures hanging from a rock, and making it look like it’s hundreds and hundreds of meters to the bottom! It is located about 750 meters above sea level and is mostly a trip for people who like to go for a hike, but you don’t need to be an experienced climber of any sort.

Does this sound like a place you would like to visit in Lofoten?

Haukland Beach

If there is one thing in this world I know is true, it is that the beaches here at Lofoten are stunning. Haukland beach with its crystal clear water and white sand blankets will – without exaggeration – take your breath away. To get to this wonderful place, you drive towards Uttakleiv from Leknes. This place in Lofoten is certainly a good spot for the sunrise and sunset. The landscape nearby is also unlike most nature. There is just something about the shapes, colors, wilderness and the fresh air in Lofoten that hits different.


Mannen is probably one of the most known hikes you can take when visiting Lofoten, but with good reason, and I can’t possibly make an article about the best places to visit in Lofoten without even mentioning it – no can do. So here we are! Mannen, one of the most spectacular views during the whole year. That’s right, one of the best things about this place is that you can reach it whenever during the year. A lot of the other hikes around are also dependent on temperature and weather, but not this one! The hike takes about one or one and a half hours, depending on your pace and potential traffic.

A hidden place – Kvalvika

What makes Kvalvika extra special is the way the mountains surround the beach, isolating it from the areas behind. It is almost as if you are drawn into a made up place in a storybook. To get to this place, hidden from everything else, beyond a second dimension, into the fairytale world —  you simply walk. The best place to start is Fredvang. From there the hike is approximately 1 hour each way with a 170 m descendant along the way. Towards the end the trail gets steeper, but it should be quite comprehensible to get down to the beach!

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