Facilities and Fishing Equipment

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our guests. You can come here without bringing any fishing gear or flotation suits – everything is available for rent on-site, along with a fully stocked tackle shop where we've selected our best favorites to ensure you can fish with what we know works!

The Dock

The filleting area is located down on the dock where you can fillet your catch. We also provide access to freshwater and lighting at the filleting area. Fish remnants should be disposed of at least 200 meters from the pier out at sea.

Gas Station

The gas station is located on our dock where you can refuel directly into the boat. The payment terminal accepts all common credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, etc. You will need to reserve an amount that will then be refunded. Foreign cards may take a little longer for back payment.

Dry Room

You can store your fishing clothes overnight to keep them warm and dry for a new day at sea.

Freezer Room

We have a large freezer room where you can store your fish. You can also purchase styrofoam boxes from us for NOK 150,- (78x39x22 cm).

Tackle shop

Our tackle shop is packed with everything you need for fishing in Lofoten. We have carefully ordered what we use for fishing ourselves and what we know works. So, don't worry about whether you have the right gear or not. Come as you are, and we'll show you what has worked best recently. Contact us for stock status on specific products. We carry products from brands such as:

  • Westin Fishing
  • BKK Hooks
  • Pure Fishing
  • Seeberg
  • Wiggler
  • Rapala
  • CWC
  • Savage Gear

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Turn your dream of sea fishing in Lofoten into reality today! By booking a fishing trip now, you secure a spot on an adventure you won't forget. We are ready with everything to make your trip as smooth and fantastic as possible. Note: Many of our bookings come in at least a year in advance, so book today to secure your spot!