Destination Lofoten - How to get there

Destination Lofoten - How to get there

Destination Lofoten – How to get there

Where is your next destination? Is it perhaps Lofoten since you’ve clicked on this article with the headline mentioning the words “Destination Lofoten”? If so, keep reading.

Lofoten is located away from the mainland, but there are different ways of getting here. If you'd like, you could take the plane, either directly to Svolvær or to a city nearby and take the ferry or a connecting flight  from there. If you arrive by car, you have the choice to either take one of the ferries or to drive from Narvik and over Tjeldsundbrua which connects to E10, the road that connects all of Lofoten.

The best way to experience Lofoten by car

If you are driving by car, it is recommended that you take the ferry from Skutvik to Svolvær, and from there you can get an entire road trip through Lofoten while driving off at the bridge and onto E6 on the mainland. You could also go the opposite way, with the bridge first and then the ferry home, it all depends on which direction you are heading later.

The most effective way to arrive by plane

I believe we all would much rather take a direct flight than having to wait in an airport for the connecting flight, but sometimes the budget says no, and other times there might not be available seats. If that is the case, it is good to know that you have options, just like you have when you want to fly to Lofoten. In order to fly to Lofoten without any pit stops, the best way is to book your travel through Widerøe in one of the airports in Norway they are flying from. Widerøe has its basis in Bergen, Florø, Torp, Bodø and Tromsø. The airline has direct flights to Svolvær, making it easy to get from one spot to the next.  It is also possible to take the plane to other cities in the northern norway and drive from there, take the ferry or like already mentioned – take connecting flights. SAS and Norwegian are both offering flights to northern norway, but no direct flights to Lofoten.

Another popular option is to fly to Evenes in Harstad and rent a car. From there it takes approximately 3,5 hours to Leknes.

Important: There are three different airports  in Lofoten, these are located in Svolvær, Leknes and Røst. Before booking a flight to Lofoten I would therefore suggest you take a close look at which of the two airports in Lofoten is closest to the place you are staying.

This is how you take the ferry for free to Lofoten

Oh what a dream it would be to arrive at your destination for free. Well, aside from the gas money all the way up to northern Norway or the flight tickets you may have bought, it is actually possible to get to Lofoten for free for the last part. As of 2022, multiple ferries became free of charge, one in which includes a specific route from Bodø to Moskenes. The direct ferry trip is not free, but if you get on the one with stops and get off at either Røst or Værøy and wait for the next, the ride suddenly adds up to a total of zero. This does require some patience, and takes some hours, but if you are looking for a cheap way to get to Lofoten from Bodø, there is nothing cheaper than zero. That is just a fact.

Now, if you want to know more about the destination itself, Lofoten is a wonderful place with so many activities available. You can read more about places to visit in Lofoten in our article right here

We hope to see you in Lofoten soon!

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