Everything you need to know about fishing in Lofoten

Everything you need to know about fishing in Lofoten

Ever since the viking age, Lofoten has been a central area for fishing. The fish that is captured here in Lofoten, are distributed all over the world and the produce are then used in products such as omega3 and bacalao. Depending on the seasons you will be able to get hold of different types of fish here in Lofoten.

Thinking about going on a fishing trip to Lofoten? Here’s everything you need to know about fishing in Lofoten!

When is the best time for fishing in Lofoten during the year?

Actually, no time is better than the other, you can go fishing all year around. That is right, here in Lofoten it is fishing season all the time. The skrei fish is most common through January to April. Moving towards summer it is also possible to get a catfish, flounder or a haddock on your fishing hook. It is also likely to get cod, as well as the popular summer fish - the mackerel! The halibut is also a dream come true for many when they get it on their hook. To achieve this dream your best bet will be April to May, or September to October.

What do I do if I want to go fishing in Lofoten?

To go fishing, you will most definitely need some fishing gear. Also if you want to get out on the open sea, you will also have to have a boat that can take you out on the adventure. We have multiple boats that are up for rent with a capacity to take on 5 people, with all necessary equipment on board.

Go fishing with our rental boats

In addition to renting out boats, we also offer guided tours. You will meet fishing guides with a lot of knowledge about the fishing areas that will be able to tell you exactly where you most likely will get a catch!

What kind of gear is necessary to go fishing?

Here at Lofoten Havfiske we mostly fish with jigs and markongler. However, if you have traveled all the way to fish in Lofoten with your own gear, there is nothing keeping you from using it! If there is anything you are missing, you can also find gear for rental and for sale in our shop!

You will quickly discover that the boats are equipped with all necessary safety equipment, for instance GPS-tracking, throwing line, first aid kit and emergency lights. We also have everything you need to handle the fish you catch, such as hooks, claps and more!

What do I do with the fish I catch?

When you get lucky and get a big catch, it might be that you do not want to eat it right away. This is completely understandable. We have a big freezer room for the fish, so lower your shoulders and relax, the fish is not going anywhere until it is time to take it home with you. Also – since we are a registered fishing camp, you are allowed to take home 18 kg of fish if you have traveled from overseas.

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