Cod fishing in Lofoten - A unique experience!

Cod fishing in Lofoten - A unique experience!

The highlight of the year is here!  What you might ask? Cod fishing in Lofoten!

In January the Cod is at full speed towards Lofoten from the Barents Sea and it will stay here and spawn until it's time to go back at the end of April.

Did you know that the traditional Lofoten fishing can be dated all the way back to the viking age? It has long been an important source of income, and today, the cod is used to make products such as stockfish and cod liver oil.

Here at Lofoten Havfiske we’re looking forward to a new fishing season filled with new fish enthusiasts and a great atmosphere among all of us!

Experience Cod fishing in Lofoten

Imagine you are getting up early in the morning. Your lunch is prepared and with you in a thermos you have freshly brewed coffee. As the boat leaves the quay, the sun appears on the horizon. Well out at sea, the excitement rises when you see fish on the echo sounder - it’s happening. The jigg is dropped into the sea. On the way down, the line slackens, followed by a heavy bend on the fishing rod. There it is! You crank with full force, and there you see it below the sea surface - a nice and strong cod.

You think to yourself “What an experinece” and yet, the adventure is still not over! The rest of the day is enjoyed in beautiful surroundings out at sea. The cod still bites willingly and you just enjoy the moment with your friends. “This is the life”.

Does this sound like something you would enjoy?

If you are adventurous and want a fantastic experience in Lofoten, we would definitely suggest going cod fishing in Lofoten!

Why is the cod so big?

The cod fish here in Lofoten is known for its huge size.

The warm Gulf Stream meets the cold Arctic waters around Lofoten, creating a nutrient-rich environment. This leads to an abundance of plankton, the primary food source for smaller fish, which in turn serve as food for cod. When it is time to spawn, the Cod return to more shallow waters near the coast of Lofoten.

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