Frequently asked questions

Do you have filleting options?

Yes, we have filleting tables on the pier.

Do you have freezing options?

Yes, we have a large freezer room to freeze fish.

Can fishing equipment be rented from you?

Yes, we rent out fishing equipment. We rent out both fishing rods and life jackets.

Is it possible to buy fishing equipment from you?

Yes, we have a fishing equipment store where we have most of the fishing equipment available. Pilker, jigger, hooks, line and more.

Are bed linen and laundry included in the price of accommodation?

Yes, it is.

Do you have a car available at the camp?

Yes, we have a car that can be borrowed for free to make purchases of food etc.

Do you have pick up / drop off service at Leknes Airport?

Yes, we have. Either we pick you up, or a car is ready for you at the airport when you arrive.