Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Perhaps one of the most magnificent animals?

“VnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaa” A brave attempt to explain the sound a whale makes. Not the best.. therefore it will be much better to experience it first hand yourself! 

Whale watching is not just a beautiful sight of some of the world's largest marine mammals in this arctic paradise. It is one of life's most important lessons.

Whale watching gives everyone, children and adults alike, a deep respect for wildlife and knowledge about the endangered species. Once we have gained an insight into the animals' lives in their own habitat in the most gentle way - then we understand the importance of taking good care of them.

During the summer months, there is plenty of opportunity to spot sperm whales, killer whales and pilot whales in the waters around Lofoten.

From mid-October, several species of whales visit Lofoten, such as humpback whales, fin whales, minke whales. They will follow their food source, namely the herring. The herring migrates from the Atlantic Ocean to the north-Norwegian west coast, which attracts the large, majestic predators that come to exploit the food chain.

The best place to spot the whales

At the northernmost point in Vesterålen, the most popular place to go whale watching is found, more specifically, Andenes.

In the Norwegian Sea outside Andenes lies the continental slope, the Eggakanten, where the depth of the sea is several thousand metres. The strong upwelling currents are rich in nutrition which provide an abundant sea life and acts as the key for the whales to thrive in these cold waters all year around.

100% whale guarantee

Whale watching providers in this area have a 100% whale guarantee all year round! This is quite unusual for whale watching - but it gives a clear indication that Vesterålen in particular is a very special place.

Another alternative is to become a member of the Facebook group "Whale alert Lofoten", which is sharing knowledge about the whales' latest location.

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