Vikingmuseum in Borg Lofoten

Vikingmuseum in Borg Lofoten

The vikingmuseum was built and opened in june of 1995. This museum has a fantastic location with great paths and significant outdoor areas.

In 2017 the museum was visited by 95 000 people.

Animals at Borg

The animals are on a big field, while wild boars are located in an inclosed area, the other animals walk on a big area outside the museum. You can see the animals on arrival and are welcome to pet them. It’s also possible to take a ride on the horses, all animals on the premises are suitable for both adults and children. These animals are ancient breeds.

Tour in the vikingship

A ship goes every half an hour, with a duration of 20-30 minutes. If there is wind the Høvedsmannen will sail the ship, if it’s clear you can row with oars yourself. This activity is the most popular among all the other activities.

Høvedsmannen is the person who has the responsibility of the ship. The vikingship is a real copy of the Gokstadskipet, which is a ship from the end of 800-hundreds, and is the most preserved ship in Norway.

Want to have dinner with Høvdingen and Husfrua?

You can choose yourself if you want to be served in the Høvdinghuset, or in the smaller Gildehallen. The meals will be served by dressed up vikings. While you enjoy a good meal, you’ll get entertainment by song, dance and authentic vikings instruments. You can choose the meals from an assigned menu.

On the area there are nice conditions and possibilities both on autumn and winter to have a chance to experience the infamous northern lights.

The vikingfestival

During summer they have a festival where vikings from all around the world gather. There are salestalls and variuos entertainment. You can learn about the vikingtimes through different lectures. There’s also a fighting show where you can experience how they fought 1000 years back in time. You can also see shows, concerts, games and participate in competitions, these activities fit all ages. About 8000 guests participate in this festival.

Archaeological exibit

At the place of arrival you can find exibits about discoveries and excavations, a movie about what happened in the vikingtimes and founds from the immediate area. You can listen to this exibit with your own smartphone and/or headphones, and choose yourself what themes you wish to listen to, which can be heard in 6 different languages. It is possible to do other activities and come back later to listen to the rest.

Other activities

Bow and arrow, axethrowing and blacksmith. Different things needed for the farm are forged by the blacksmith, you can visit him and if you might have questions along the way feel free to ask him.

Craftsmen are in the Høvdinghuset, they do a lot of different work like making clothes for the workers. They admire visitors and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

There is also a rebus race for the entire family, it is also known as Lokes lure runesti.

On the premesis you can find a souvenir shop, where you can buy gifts and memorable travel souvenirs. The shop has a wide selection of historical things.

For more information on Lofotr Vikingmuseum and their opening hours visit their homepage

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