Three things you might not know about in Lofoten

Three things you might not know about in Lofoten

There’s no secret that there are a bunch of activities you can take part in here in Lofoten. Maybe you’ve already considered which hike to take, or perhaps you want to go surfing, kayaking or fishing? Well, today I thought I would tell you about some other activities – or should I call it happenings – here in Lofoten. So let us dive in! 

Lofoten Countryfestival

This September (The first to be exact) Lofoten Country Festival opens its doors for the twentieth time! This year the festival will be joined by artists like The Mavericks, Daisy Duke Dawgs and many more. If you want to bring out your countryside, I believe this is the place to be! At least this fall. Get ready for an amazing time, a great atmosphere and people singing country all day long!

Read more about the festival here

World championship in Skrei fishing

Every year between February and April 40% of Skrei fish come swimming to Lofoten. Therefore, in march a lot of people (thousands actually), set their sails towards Lofoten to join the biggest skrei fishing contest there is! The competition lasts for two days, with Lofoten Cupen the first day, and the World Championship the next.

I can tell you that this year the victory went to – *Drumrolls* – my very own guide! That is right, he got a catch of 16,4 kg and a total catch of 65,4 kg! In other words, not a small fish. This was a very cool experience and we are already excited for next year's results. Do you think he can beat his own record, or can you?

You can read more about the skrei fishing competition here

The food festival in Lofoten

This festivity is perfect for all food lovers out there. The Food Festival in Lofoten is back, and this time without restrictions because of covid. During the festival you will have the opportunity to taste and buy food from a good portion of local producers. The festival itself lasts for two days and you will also find there are other activities available. In addition to  showcasing a lot of good food, there will also be a contest where the winner will be announced. Also, if you do decide to join, be sure to get a waffle from the local LFK cafe inside the festival area!

Oh well, I do not know about you, but I am getting hungry already.

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