The northern lights in Lofoten

The northern lights in Lofoten


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But I also want to tell you about one of the most magical winter experiences in the North – the northern lights. Few places have a better frame to capture this wonder than Lofoten. It’s one of the most unique and spectacular things that Lofoten has to offer, and nothing is like standing underneath an explosion of pulsing rhythmic colors dancing across the skies, while simultaneously being surrounded by tall mountains, the ocean and white sandy beaches.

But what are the northern lights?

It has many names, but most famously known as Aurora Borealis and The Lady in Green. This natural wonder is visible during winter nights in the Northern Hemisphere. The northern lights appear when electrically charged particles from the sun hit the suns atmosphere. It comes in many different colors, but the most common colors are green and pink. I’ve been told that it’s the height of the northern lights that decides which color we see. The best period to see it is from September to the middle of April, and it should be as dark as possible outside with as little light pollution as possible.

Where are the best places to see it in Lofoten?

It can be seen throughout the entire archipelago, but it seems to be most active the further north / north west you are – so it might be smart to find a spot that has a wide view towards that direction. Regardless, the most important thing is to have as little light pollution as possible.

One of my favorite spots is the beach known as Uttakleiv. This fairytale beach has an open and wide view towards the north. Another good alternative is the neighboring beach Haukland.

The beach Unstad also deserves a mention, but is more famously known as a paradise for arctic surfers. With its magical view and open line towards the horizon, it can be considered a fantastic spot for witnessing and taking pictures of the northern light,

Skagsanden and Gimsøysanden are also terrific for taking pictures.

Myrland however, is a hidden treasure that few people know about and it’s my absolute favorite spot to be. At this spot you are pretty much alone without disturbances and large crowds of people. It has a clear view towards the north and is a great spot to capture the lights.

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Have a great weekend!

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Photographer: Barbara Thöny


Photo taken by Barbara Thöny
Photo taken by Barbara Thöny

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