Mindfulness in Lofoten

Mindfulness in Lofoten

Are you one of those who appreciates some quiet time? Then this is the place for you!

Do you find yourself dreaming about being somewhere else, some place away from the noise surrounding you? Let me give you a tip to a destination in Lofoten that will literally be a breath of fresh air.

Almost untouched by tourism activities, this place truly offers a peaceful atmosphere.

Where is this, you ask?


And if you are one who enjoys some me-time I believe this place hits bullseye.

At the beautiful beaches and clips you will find wonderful opportunities for undisturbed meditation, yoga and the time to really get into some mindfulness. With the sound of the effervescent waves and the clean air the mood is really set and there is nothing left than to enjoy being present!

Valberg is also quite known for its white beaches, crystal clear water and the finest sand grains, and thanks to the gulf stream the temperature can reach up to a spectacular 12 degrees during the summer months!

Perhaps you want to go for a swim in the morning? 🏊

What a time to be alive!


If you need a place to stay during your visit you are more than welcome to check out our fishing cabins! Our camp is located just 35 minutes by car from Valberg, here you will also find a lot of different activities to participate in. Check out our fishing cabins right here

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