Lofoten Links – one of the coolest golf courses in the world

Lofoten Links – one of the coolest golf courses in the world

If the words four, bogey, green, fairway and tee sounds familiar to you, then I would dare to say that I have a golf enthusiast in front of me. Some might even say a pro. If you’re nodding your head by now, I believe you are one of those who would enjoy a visit to the golf course in Lofoten – Lofoten Links.

Over the years the golf course in Lofoten has become quite famous for its unique design and surroundings. The course is located in Grimsøysand in Vågan Kommune, with high mountaintops on one side, and a magnificent view over the ocean on the other. Lofoten Links is known for its wonderful and mesmerizing nature, and the course has even come up with its own term “midnight golf” referring to the midnight sun you can experience through the summer.

Start your journey as a golf player in Lofoten

If you are not an experienced golf player, no worries! At Lofoten Links you can sign up for a green card. Just imagine coming home and telling your friends you got the green card while visiting one of the coolest golf courses in the world. You may think I am exaggerating, but really – What can actually beat a golf course located in Lofoten?

Lofoten Links was elected the 6th best and the best

Lofoten Links is a supreme course and has been elected as the sixth best course in Europe. As if that was not enough, it is also recognized as the best course in scandinavia. The expert panel that elected the course gave Lofoten Links 30 out of 40 possible points, ranking elements such as design, how memorable the course is, what it is like to play the course and the overall quality.

Experience the northern lights while playing golf

If you were to arrive at the end of august, this could be considered as drawing the longer straw. While you during May to July can enjoy the wonderful midnight sun, August also presents the opportunity to see the northern lights. Can you picture it, standing there, you have just chosen the nine iron and before you know it – the sky is lit with colors of all sorts.

A golf course with hindrances out of the ordinary

One of the contributing factors to the uniqueness of Lofoten Links is the location. With the ocean as the closest neighbor, the sea also acts as a hindrance on multiple areas throughout the 18 holes long course. You might also have heard of the fantastic beaches in Lofoten? Well, these can also represent the bunkers you have to navigate around. The whole course is really a sight for sore eyes – even the parts that may frustrate you in the game. This might be one of the few times you will actually enjoy stepping into the bunker (not really, but yes)

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