Fishing vacation Norway

Fishing vacation Norway

Are you planning a fishing vacation? What better way to spend your fishing vacation than in Lofoten? Lofoten is home to a series of different fish species, including the sought out Cod.

Guided fishing tours

At Lofoten Havfiske we offer fishing vacation for those who wish to experience fishing out on the open sea. We offer both guided tours and boats you can rent to go out on your own!

The sea is hiding a lot of treasures, including – you might have guessed it – fish. After many years as fishermen in Lofoten, you can be sure that we know where to find the best fishing spots!

The perfect destination for your fishing vacation

Depending on the season you will be able to get everything from cod and haddock to mackerel and halibut! The fish here in Lofoten is known for its great quality and is definitely something else than the smaller fish you get elsewhere. That is also why Lofoten is truly the perfect destination for a fishing vacation in Norway.

Lofoten is known for its fishing villages and the fisherman cabins. Staying in an authentic fishing cabin during your fishing holiday should definitely be something you consider. Just imagine being part of the active fishing community by the dock, with both locals and tourists getting ready to get the catch of the day.

When to book a fishing vacation?

The best way to decide when you want to go on a fishing vacation, is finding out when the fish you wish to catch has its prime time. For instance, the halibut is available all through April to December. If you are wondering about the best seasons for different fish species, do not hesitate to contact us – we know all there is to know about when to go fishing for what.

Fishing during winter

Winter might include some rough waters, but if you are an expert at sea fishing yourself or join a local fishing guide, there should be no problem going fishing in the colder months. In fact, January to April is your best chance to catch huge cod fish.

If you catch any fish – which we are sure you will – we have our very own freezer room and area for fileting down at the camp. Here you can store your fish until take-off or until you want to eat it during your vacation.

Here at Lofoten Havfiske, you can join us for a memorable fishing vacation . Bring along whomever you would like and prepare for a once in a lifetime experience. Book your fishing vacation with us today.

Book your fishing adventure today!

Turn your dream of sea fishing in Lofoten into reality today! By booking a fishing trip now, you secure a spot on an adventure you won't forget. We are ready with everything to make your trip as smooth and fantastic as possible. Note: Many of our bookings come in at least a year in advance, so book today to secure your spot!