Fishing in August, Lofoten Havfiske

Fishing in August, Lofoten Havfiske

3 Reasons to Book your Fishing Experience in Lofoten in August

  1. Stable weather with good chances of sunshine, warmth, and light winds.
  2. Stable fishing for all species, we let the pictures speak their own language.
  3. Opportunity to experience the Northern Lights.

August has truly offered fantastic weather and many delightful fishing trips out on the sea. There has been a consistent catch of coalfish throughout August on the south side of Lofoten, where we easily found great fishing with top catches up to 11 kg. The north side has also provided excellent cod fishing with many cods exceeding the 10kg mar with tops fishes up to 16kg. The fishing for plaice has also improved as we move towards late summer. This is a really enjoyable fishing experience that we highly recommend you to try. The same goes for redfish, where we have had very successful fishing on the few trips we have undertaken. If you know the right spots and fish at the right time, the chances are really good here in Lofoten. When it comes to halibut we have only had a few guest that have been target this species in August and those ones have been very successful but this month most of the time has been targeting the other species as explain above.

Bookings for next year are filling up quickly, but we still have some available spots in August, so do not hesitate to contact us if you want to hear more. We are always ready to do our best to ensure that you have a fantastic experience with us at Lofoten Havfiske!

Welcome to us at Lofoten Havfiske!
//Eirik, Johan, and Anne

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