Fisherman cabins accommodation: now and then

Fisherman cabins accommodation: now and then

Fishermen cabins have been around for a long time. These traditional fishing cabins have a rich history and have been a significant part of the fishing culture in the area for several hundred years. History says that the first fisherman cabins were built during the 1100s by King Øystein Magnusson for the fishermen in Vågan.

What was it like for the fishermen?

The first fishermen cabins were built with floors of soil and a firepit in the middle. It was not before the 1700 that the fisherman cabins were entirely built out of trees. The space used to be quite small, forcing up to three fishermen to share a bed. It was not until mid 1800 that an oven and glass windows were installed.

The fisherman cabins usually consisted of two rooms – one for the fishermen to stay in and another compartment for their equipment. It was normal for two fishing crews to share a cabin, getting half of the cabin each. Today the fisherman cabins have been upgraded, and are way more comfortable.

Who owned the cabins?

A law in 1816 determined that the state could sell the fishing areas, resulting in the owners of the bay buying their rights to the fisherman cabins. Before this law, the fisherman usually owned their own fisherman cabins.

In order to meet the demand from fishermen coming from overseas, there had to be built more fisherman cabins.

The fisherman cabins were placed down by the sea in order to have easy access to the ocean. Both red and oker color was common due to being locally produced and easy to obtain. These were also the cheapest to mix in with cod liver oil.

Upgraded comfort

Today the fishermen cabins are available for rent for everyone that wants to try out the life as a fisherman here in Lofoten – or if you just want to enjoy some cozy days in the cabin. As opposed to before, the cabins are now equipped with most necessities and a modern interior. This is the perfect accommodation for a fishing trip to Lofoten!

Stay in an authentic fisherman cabin

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