Facts about Lofoten Islands

Facts about Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands is the perfect place for outdoors adventures. There is a wide variety of activities you can do, from fishing and hiking to whale watching and sunbathing.

The Lofoten Islands are something out of the ordinary. A picture might say a thousand words, but only experiencing Lofoten Islands at first hand will give you the full picture. The nature in Lofoten Islands is something that is impossible to describe in words or images. Many feel a sense of euphoria once they set their eyes on the beautiful mountains, blue water, lovely cottages, and breathtaking sand beaches of the Lofoten Islands. During summer, the sun sets only briefly, while during winter the days are completely dark. If you are here during winter time, you are likely to experience the magnificent northern lights as well. These are best experienced with a side of hot chocolate.

It is easy to understand that people can be confused when it comes to the Lofoten Islands, and how it is all connected while also not being connected, but still looking like one island. Just made you bump your head sideways now, huh?

Lofoten islands consists of many islands

From a distance, Lofoten Islands can seem like one big mountain range, but in reality, Lofoten Islands consists of around 80 islands in total. The biggest islands are Austvågøya, Gimsøya, Vestvågøy, Flakstadøya, Moskenesøya, Værøya and Røstlandet. The Lofoten Islands are mostly separated by straits. Between the islands there are also numerous tides such as Gimsøystraumen, Nappstraumen and Moskenesstraumen. Despite being a lot of Islands, there are only two main cities. These are Svolvær and Leknes, and are located in Vågan and Vestvågøy. Here you will find a more modern society with stores, malls and an overall city center area.

The multiple Islands in Lofoten are all connected by the E10 road. The Islands are located north within the polar circle on 67 and 68 latitude, meaning that wherever you choose to stay, Lofoten Islands will bring you the midnight sun during the summer time from mid may to mid july.

The scenery on Lofoten Islands

The landscape surrounding the Lofoten Islands are quite similar for all the islands with flat brims and steep mountains. Most of the rocks are over two billion years old , consisting of granite and syenits. But why is it like this? The shape of the mountain is actually the result of the ice age where the ice rapidly shaped the mountains, creating an alpine scenery. The high mountains surrounding the Lofoten Islands are really a sight for sore eyes. It is also possible to climb the majestic mountains. On top of them you will get an amazing view!

The local fishing huts on Lofoten Islands

In addition to there being wildlife beyond belief and beautiful nature wherever you turn your head, Lofoten Islands are also known for their fishing cabins. If you were to ask any travel agency, they would tell you to go live in one of these. They are a huge part of Lofoten Islands history, and are recommended if you want to truly experience the wonderful atmosphere of Lofoten Islands. The cabins are set upon the water, almost as if they are standing on stilts.. Which in a way they are.

Accommodation with authentic touches

Why not spend the night on modern fisherman's cabins with preserved traces from our ancestors? Here you will find fisherman's cabins with different numbers of bedrooms, with living room, kitchen and bathroom. In addition, you have WiFi and TV. On the Lofoten Islands you should be able to enjoy the comfort and the spectacular surroundings.

An island with many activities

Lofoten is well known for its spectacular nature and can offer many fantastic activities. Every year, thousands of visitors are fascinated by the Lofoten Islands and the amazing nature.

Unforgettable fishing trips

The magnificent fishing conditions here in Lofoten are known to people around the world. Every year we receive many guests from abroad, and who want to experience a different level of fishing.

Boat rental

With your own boat you can experience the famous Lofoten fishing, and not least see magnificent nature and the animal kingdom from the sea side. If you are really lucky, you will be visited by whales.

Bicycle ride

Experiencing Lofoten from the bike seat is just magical. You feel part of the beautiful surroundings that surround you. With Lofoten Rental Hub's electric bikes, you can also reach longer distances and just enjoy the ride.

Hiking trails and outdoor areas

For those of you who want idyllic walks in scenic surroundings, we can safely recommend the Viking Museum. The museum opened in June 1995, and has a fantastic location with nice paths and significant outdoor areas.

The Viking Museum - Learn more about the Viking Age

The Viking Museum in Lofoten Islands was completed and opened in June 1995. The museum has a fantastic location with nice paths and significant outdoor areas. In 2017, the museum was visited by 95,000 people.

The Viking Festival - exciting activities for the whole family

In the summer Lofoten Islands have a festival where Vikings from all over the world come. Here you will find stalls and various entertainment. Learn more about the Viking Age during the various lectures. There are also battle shows, where you get to experience how they fought for 1000 years back in time, performances, concerts, toys and competitions, here you are guaranteed to find activities that are suitable for both adults and young people.

The Lofoten Islands is definitely a place to visit if you love being in nature. While visiting the Lofoten Islands you will encounter a form of peace and serenity only acquired by living at one with nature. Lofoten Islands is a place you can go to wash away everything bad within and really clean your soul. It is a place where you can grow and learn without making any effort to do so. Children as much as adults love Lofoten Islands, as it is almost like a playground for everyone. Bring your friends and family to the magnificent Lofoten Islands and you will for sure not regret it. Like mentioned before, visiting the Lofoten Islands is something that is impossible to describe in words.

So, see for yourself. If you have any questions regarding Lofoten Islands you are welcome to contact us here at Lofoten Havfiske & Rorbuopplevelser. We are happy to help you with your magical vacation.

The Lofoten Islands are as amazing as they sound, and if you are looking for a place to stay, we can offer you a good night sleep in our fishing cabins.

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