Did you know this about Sea Fishing?

Did you know this about Sea Fishing?

The season for sea fishing is closing up on us here in Lofoten, and on that note I thought it could be fun to talk a little about it, after all, this is our favorite area and believe me when I say I could talk about this for hours!

A part of the Norwegian history

Sea fishing has long been a part of Norwegian history. Dating back all the way to the viking age, fishing – and especially the cod – was important for trading when the vikings were out and about. In addition to this, because of its durability,  the dry cod was also a great source for nutrition during long rides. And as you might be familiar with, cod is still an important commodity in Norway today.

The climate is perfect for sea fishing

Northern Norway is well known for its many good fishing spots. The cold temperature in combination with the warm gulf stream provides a nourishing ocean with large amounts of plankton. And with lots of plankton present, smaller fish are swimming towards the coast acting as bait for the larger fish – Providing the perfect opportunity for successful sea fishing!

Sea Fishing has long been a popular activity

Sea fishing as an active activity in the northern part of Norway was first introduced a long time ago with many fishermen traveling to the North on a regular basis. In the 1100 fishing cabins were established specifically for the fishermen. From before they would have to sleep in their boats and this despite the bad weather and cold temperatures.

At a rapid pace, Sea Fishing has become a popular sport and today the World Championship in Sea Fishing has grown to be one of the largest events in Northern-Norway. In fact, some of the first tourists to arrive in Norway came to fish!

Be an early bird

If you want to embark on the adventure that is sea fishing, be ready to get up early. The fish is much more likely to bite on your hook in the morning. The reason for this being that the fish are relatively lazy during the evening and nights. When the day arrives its hunting mode is set in motion, compelling them to be more active, and thereby making it easier for us to catch them during the early hours of the day.

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