5 reasons to visit Lofoten

5 reasons to visit Lofoten

Are you longing for a get-away where you can experience something new and be out in the open air? Then a trip to Lofoten won’t disappoint you. Lofoten is known for its beautiful beaches, mountains and sea-life. As it is also located in the north, a trip to Lofoten gives you the opportunity to see the famous northern lights – and if you travel outside winter time, you have the amazing midnight sun. 

Hmm, is a trip to Lofoten really something I would enjoy? We believe so! In Lofoten there is something for each and everyone. Let’s have a look at 5 reasons for visiting Lofoten. 

1. Surf on white sand beaches 

Maybe you have seen others posting pictures from their awesome trip to Lofoten, with the surfboards in their hands, the white sand beaches ahead of them and the effervescent waves just waiting to be surfed? No matter if you're a beginner or a pro – in Lofoten, surfing is for everyone. You will find several instructors ready to take you through a surf-course and from there make sure you get an exceptional feeling of surfing the waves in Lofoten.  

2. Playing golf in the midnight sun 

Picture standing on the tee and looking out at the open sea, magnificent mountains and getting the midnight sun along the horizon. This is what you get when you visit the golf course in Lofoten. Besides the increased risk of ending up in the water, there really does not seem to be anything bad to say about this golf course. So grab your golf bag and get going! 

3. Sleep in cozy fisherman cabins 

To travel to Lofoten is really an experience itself, but you could also make more out of it by staying in authentic fisherman cabins down by the bay. Our fishing huts are charming with their smaller size and traditional red color. They are also equipped with all necessities. Living in the fishing huts will definitely let you get a feel of what it’s like to be a part of the active fishing environment. 

4. Come along for a fishing trip

Ever since the viking age, Lofoten has continued to be a central place for fishing. To capture a fish can really give you the feeling of mastery, and with boats and equipment available for rent, you can choose if you would like to go on a trip by yourself or join one of our guided trips. Here at Lofoten havfiske we love fishing and are happy to help you find the best spots which will guarantee a catch!  

5. Hikes with a magnificent view 

To climb a mountain may for someone be a bit tougher than they would have wished for, but the feeling you are left with will leave no regrets. In Lofoten there are multiple hikes you can take, both on your own and with a guide. The view over Lofoten will without a doubt be something quite extraordinary. Also, how great won’t it feel to return home from an active day! 

So what do you say? Is the time right for a trip to Lofoten this year? 

If you’d like to stay in fishing huts we can offer charming fisherman cabins you can stay in during your trip to Lofoten. 

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