5 reasons to travel to Lofoten in Norway

5 reasons to travel to Lofoten in Norway

Have you long dreamed about visiting the wonderful island group Lofoten, north in Norway? Lofoten in Norway has a lot to offer and is definitely something worth visiting. Now, it is hard to pick just a few things to write about in order for you to understand how truly amazing Lofoten is, but I have to give it a try. Take notice; I do not claim to do Lofoten justice in this article, but it is (in my opinion) a brave attempt.

1. Beautiful nature in Lofoten

In Lofoten the air is fresher, the steep mountains act as an art piece and the water surrounding the islands are so crystal clear that you would think it has remained untouched for centuries. There is a lot that can be said about nature in Lofoten. Wonderful, beyond your beliefs, amazing, stunning are a few that come to mind in this instance, and they are all true. The best part is that Lofoten is covered in these beautiful places. You can simply rent a car or bring your own and travel all around, experiencing fantastic nature and participate in new activities each day, maybe multiple times a day.

2. Experience the Local food

In Lofoten you will find a broad selection of restaurants, cafes and pubs for you to enjoy. If you go to visit the more fancy restaurants in Lofoten you will soon discover the brilliant use of fresh ingredients. When deciding where to eat when you’re in Lofoten, you can choose from laid back and casual to more extensive serving of food with set menus and extravagant food options.

3. A lot of history in Lofoten

This island group also carries a lot of history. Lofoten in Norway has been the home to numerous fishermen and traders through the years. Back then, the fishers lived in the small fishing cabins you can see down by the bay in almost every town in Lofoten. Today most of these fishing cabins are transformed into guest houses while still holding onto the authentic feel of how it was to live in one of these. Especially during fishing season here in Lofoten Norway, the atmosphere down by the bay picks itself up as eager fishers come to town, talk and have fun together. You see, the fish here in Lofoten has been one of the most important exports for Norway, and still is. Both fresh cod and dried cod that are being used all over the world. None of the fish goes to spill as even the eyes are renewed as a delicatesse.

There’s a few wonders in the world I think everyone has heard of, two (perhaps just one) in particular that are possible to experience right here in Lofoten, Norway. You see, Lofoten is quite the extraordinary place. Not only do you have amazing nature surrounding you everywhere you go, but there are also two very distinct phenomena that happen right here in Lofoten. Can you guess which two I’m referring to? One is colorful and the second is bright. Have you guessed it yet? I’m talking about the northern lights and the midnight sun. You might be shaking your head thinking this is such a cliche, but is it really if you have yet to see it?

4. Travel to see the everlasting sun

Lofoten in Norway is located north and reaches just beyond the arctic circle, meaning at a certain time of the year, the sun doesn’t go below the horizon. It is actually possible to follow the sun as it moves alongside the horizon in the evening, before starting to move upwards again after laying low for a few hours. But how is this actually possible? Without getting too scientific about it (cause that’s not my area) the earth has a slight tilt while it’s rotating around the sun. The tilt places a smaller area of the north pole of the earth to face the sun during a longer period of time, in which the sun is visible all through the day. It simply won’t reach beyond the streams of the sun – which is almost unbelievable when you experience it. What this means is that you can stand in Lofoten, Norway at 00:00 and it’ll feel like it is the middle of the day.

5. A spectacular show on the sky

Now let’s turn the focus over to night time, with a clear sky and cold temperatures. If you turn your gaze upwards you might just see a light starting to spread over the darkness, like the sky is its palette and the light keeps on growing, creating a huge, colorful and moving picture for you to enjoy! The northern lights can take almost any shape. Sometimes the colors are starting to part in a vertical linear pattern, other times it is more like a smooth cloud, almost as if it’s sparkling. Can you imagine such wonderful scenery? Perhaps you have already seen it? In that case, I bet you would back me up on this. And if not, I won’t believe you if you say what you saw was the Northern Lights.

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