Halibut Festival

Join us on this year's hunt for the legendary halibut at Lofoten Sea Fishing! Not only do you get a 20% discount when booking, but we also provide you with a complimentary guided tour for a day to maximize your chances of success!

⭐️ October 23-30, 2023

⭐️ 6 days of fishing aboard the Smartliner 23 Fisher

⭐️ 7 nights in a 4-person cabin

⭐️ 1 day with a guide

SPECIAL PRICE: 27,900 NOK - 20% = 22,320 NOK divided by the number of people. Maximum of 4 fishing guests.

Do you prefer a 6-person cabin or our Kværnø? Please contact us for pricing.

Autumn fishing for halibut delivers MANY & LARGE halibuts year after year. It's a time when the water temperature drops, and flatfish seek shallow waters, all just a stone's throw from the harbor!

This event caters to both the most experienced halibut hunters and beginners who want to learn all our tricks for success!

Our on-site guides will thoroughly go through everything from the right technique to where the fish will be searching in different current conditions.

This will be followed up daily, ensuring you receive full service throughout the week to increase your chances of success! So don't hesitate, join us on this year's halibut hunt!