If you are eager to experience Norway’s culture and identity at its fullest, fishing is an activity you would definitely want to cross off your list. Norway’s exquisite coastline, beautiful fjords and rugged scenery in the north serves for a magical fishing experience.

In fact, Norway has a fishing culture spanning over a thousand years, where we have perfected every method for acquiring delicious, fresh fish. Norway’s waters are filled with cod, pollock, plaice, halibut, and much more.

There is nothing like catching your own dinner, and here in Lofoten you are for certain going to experience this feeling of serenity. Lofoten is especially known for its cod, where they have perfected several different dishes containing cod over the centuries. One could say it is almost like having a restaurant under water.

To be a part of this cultural fishing experience, it is important to be aware of the best fishing spots in the area. As a guest at our fishing camp this information will of course be available for you. If you wish to bring a local guide on the boat, this will also be provided. Our boats are steady and perfect for the waters here in the north of Norway.

If you have any questions regarding our fishing camp, or fishing in Norway in general, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you get the best fishing experience possible.