In order for you to experience the ultimate fishing in Lofoten, you must know about the best spots in the area. We know the sea here very well, and know the best spots for catching cod, pollock, plaice, halibut and much more. We will of course provide our guests with this knowledge, and we also have a local guide available if you want.

It is also very important to use the right fishing equipment. In Lofoten we often use what we call a ‘swedish handline’ (svenskpilk in Norwegian), as well as a fishing jig and worm anglers. Of course we have use other options as well, it all depends on what we are fishing.

Our fishing camp is optimally located for fishing in Lofoten with a short distance to all the best spots. If the weather is bad it is usually good enough conditions to fish in Nappstraumen, depending on the wind directions. Our boats are steady and functions well on the Lofoten sea.

Our boats

Øien 620 F with 50 hp Honda (20 foot)

Price: NOK 1500,- per day / 8900,- per week

  • 20 knot speed with two people onboard.
  • Chartplotter and echo sounder.
  • Perfect for 2-5 people.
  • Steady and safe.

Smartliner Fisher with 140 hp Suzuki (23 foot)

Price: NOK 2200,- per day / NOK 12 900,- per week.

  • Stable and seaworthy
  • 30 knot max speed with two people onboard.
  • Perfect for 2-5 people.
  • Chartplotter and echo sounder.

Kværnø 630 with Yamaha 100 hp

Price: NOK 1800,- per day / NOK 10 900,- per week.

  • Rooms up to 4 px
  • Great sea properties and stabile boat
  • Ca. 30 knot with 2 onboard

Welcome to the ultimate fishing in Lofoten.