Two Mountain hikes in Lofoten


Stortuva is the perfect trip to take with your family or friends. This is a fairly easy trip, it will take you about an hour to reach the top. The mountain top is only 341 meters above sea level, but the view is amazing. The trip is on a nice path all the way, and is easy to follow. Park your car by Oppdøl School and start by the end of the houses. Follow the path on the left side until you reach the beautiful Lindalsvannet, and then just keep going up. Once there, just enjoy the view and the surroundings


Smørdalskammen is another trip I love. The road starts from the top in Holsdalen. Just follow the tractor road up the valley. Right after you pass a gate there is a path to the right. The first part of the trip is the hardest part, but when you get to the top it is just to follow the mountains back all the way up. Smørdalskammen is 437 meters above sea level, which is a medium peak in Lofoten. You have to calculate about an hour to the top. Once you reach it, it is just to enjoy the view. Feel the silence in beautiful scenery.

PS: We now have a good deal of spare capacity on our fisherman's cabins in June, due to cancellations from abroad. If you want to come to us to experience Lofoten, just get in touch.