Henningsvær - Lofotens most famous fishing village

Henningsvær may be Lofotens most famous fishing village, it is also known as  “ Venice of the Nordic countries”.  

During Lofoten fishing, the harbor is bustling with life. Henningsvær has preserved the original environment with old sea houses and fisherman’s cabins close together. In Henningsvær you will find old historic buildings in combination with contemporary buildings.

This is the perfect place to escape from your thoughts, enjoy the tranquility and the strong nature experiences. With a colorful mix of residential houses, shops, workshops, cafes, galleries, hotels and fisherman’s cabins, Henningsvær looks like it’s taken out of a fairytale. It's simply a journey into a world of magic.

Around the fishing village there are distinctive mountains and drying places for “stockfish”, also called the gold of Northern Norway. When those who live in Lofoten smell stockfish they say “it smells like money here!”. The stockfish has a strong foothold in the local community.

Henningsvær is without a doubt one of my favorite places in Lofoten. To be here on a nice summer day can not be described with words, it simply has to be experienced. You are guaranteed to find peace here, and just feel the time stand still for a moment. Henningsvær offers something for everyone. To read more about what you can do, take a look here:


Every summer the Stockfish festival is arranged, and it’s a highlight for many of the locals. People come from all over the region to experience live music, nightlife, cultural life and great atmosphere. You will not find a better scenery to enjoy good music. So the next time you visit Lofoten, you simply have to stop by the beautiful Henningsvær.

Have a great weekend, and you will hear from me soon.