Are you looking for a magical vacation filled with exotic tradition, culture, and breathtaking landscapes? In that case, the Lofoten Islands are the perfect place for you. Experience the unique culture of the Lofoten Islands up close by living in traditional fishing rorbuer, fishing in the Lofoten waters, and biking around the narrow roads while admiring the beautiful, rugged mountains.

Lofoten Islands is the perfect place for outdoors adventures. There is a wide variety of activities you can do, from fishing and hiking to whale watching and sunbathing.

The Lofoten Islands are something out of the ordinary. A picture might say a thousand words, but only experiencing Lofoten Islands at first hand will give you the full picture. The nature in Lofoten Islands is something that is impossible to describe in words or images. Many feel a sense of euphoria once they set their eyes on the beautiful mountains, blue water, lovely cottages, and breathtaking sand beaches of the Lofoten Islands. During summer, the sun sets only briefly, while during winter the days are completely dark. If you are here during winter time, you are likely to experience the magnificent northern lights as well. These are best experienced with a side of hot chocolate.

The Lofoten Islands is definitely a place to visit if you love being in nature. While visiting the Lofoten Islands you will encounter a form of peace and serenity only acquired by living at one with nature. Lofoten Islands is a place you can go to wash away everything bad within and really clean your soul. It is a place where you can grow and learn without making any effort to do so. Children as much as adults love Lofoten Islands, as it is almost like a playground for everyone. Bring your friends and family to the magnificent Lofoten Islands and you will for sure not regret it. Like mentioned before, visiting the Lofoten Islands is something that is impossible to describe in words.

So, see for yourself. If you have any questions regarding Lofoten Islands you are welcome to contact us here at Lofoten Havfiske & Rorbuopplevelser. We are happy to help you with your magical vacation.